Sunday, 22 August 2010

Mie Kuah Gepeng from Indonesia

I love instant noodles to the extend that I wanted to start a blog focusing only on instant noodles. But I sheleved the idea cause it entails too much of work.

Anyway, when I was in Yogjakarta in February this year, I was so bored that I went to the Malioboro Mall to see what sort of instant noodles they have in Indonesia and how different they are from Malaysia's.

One of the instant noodles I bought was the Mie Kuah Gepeng.

Because it's a foreign instant noodle (to me), I made sure I read the instructions carefully before attempting to cook it.

According to the instruction, you're suppose to pour the flavouring into a bowl and later add the noodles together with the boiling water. The Malaysian version is you dump everything into the pan and remove it when it starts to boil.

So I thought I'd experiment and modify this Mie Kuah Gepeng into a 'Mie Gepeng Goreng' instead, just like how Malaysians modify a Maggi mee into 'Maggi Goreng' :-)

So after the Mie Gepeng has boiled, I drained away the water and mixed the flavouring together with the noodles.

This was how my 'Mie Gepeng Goreng' looked like ...

(Pardon the blur image)

... and it was super salty. I think my blood pressure shot through the roof with one taste!

So I had to 'repair' the noodles by emptying it into a bowl and add boiling water. This was how it looked like:

It was not tasty at all - the taste was blend and did not have any kick.

Maybe I shouldn't have attempted the 'Mie Gepeng Goreng' in the first place. But I think even if I had done the soup style from the beginning, it would still be tasteless. Anyway, it was a good try.

And I still think Maggi Kari Berapi is the best instant noodle of all time!

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