Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Taffy Met Her KPIs

In the wee hours of Saturday morning I was in my room reading. Suddenly Taffy, my sister's Australian silky terrier started barking incessantly.


I dismissed it as another one of her usual barking frenzy whenever she see a lizard or any other creature which she finds irritating.

The next morning when I woke up, my mum told me that someone had climbed over the fence and searched through my sister's and my car (we don't lock our cars cause they're parked inside the compound).

My mum also found the doors of one of her cabinet wide open. Luckily the cabinet only contains junk.

I quickly went to inspect my car.

All the small change I keep in a small compartment for paying tolls were gone. I think it was about RM1.50.

The thief also took all 3 pen knives which I keep in the dashboard. I keep them there in case I need to stab any Mat Rempit who grabs my bag at the traffic light or whenever. But later I found one of the knives on the floor; the thief must have dropped it as he made his gate away. One of the knife stolen was a made-in-Germany solid knife that I inherited from my late dad.

My sister lost her shades, which is a pirated Adidas brand (thank goodness!).

Later when we exchanged notes, my sister said that whilst barking incessantly, Taffy had jumped onto the bed and licked her face. She tried so hard to tell my sister that an intruder was outside, but my sister just brushed her off and told her to shut up. Poor dog!

Taffy certainly met her KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) as a guard dog. But unfortunately we didn't heed her barks and therefore lost a few items. Although the loses were minimal, I regretted not going to check outside when Taffy barked incessantly.

Moral of the story:
  1. Never ignore a dog's bark, and especially when these faithful creatures come to "call" you. It may even cause you your life, e.g. fire, flood, etc.
  2. Don't keep valuables in the car.
  3. Always lock your car door, even if it's parked inside the house compound.

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