Friday, 3 September 2010

RM200 Worth of Shopping Vouchers

When my office moved to a brand new building in July this year, the management organised a competition amongst staff to name all the 10 meeting rooms in the new building. The Grand Prize was shopping vouchers worth RM200.

I sent in 2 entries and one of it won the Grand Prize. My boss told me I can choose which shopping voucher I want, buy it and claim back from the company.

I initially wanted to get Sen Heng vouchers so that I can buy my oven. But after discovering that Sen Heng does not sell vouchers, I decided on Isetan instead.

So yesterday on my way back from work, I made a detour to Isetan Lot 10 to get the vouchers. It's been a little more than a month since we moved to the new building, even the names on the meeting rooms have been put up, but now only I'm buying the shopping vouchers. It just goes to show that procrastination runs in my blood.

Now that I've got the vouchers, I think I'm gonna wait till the next Isetan members sale and use them to buy dresses, accessories and all the other stuff that makes up my world.

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