Tuesday, 7 September 2010

What I Bought at Popular BookFest 2010

As I mentioned in my previous entry, I was at the Popular BookFest last Saturday and I went crazy looking at all the books on bargain. Here's what I bought:

For my love of history and travel:

Cathedrals and Castles: Building in the Middle Ages - RM10.32
The Forbidden City: Center of Imperial China - RM10.32

For my desire to become a cultured person:

A Brief History of Art - RM15.92
Great Painters - RM15.90
Van Gogh - RM15.92

For my new hobby that's growing in a small apartment balcony:

Practical Small Gardens - RM15.92 

Because I loved Dan Brown's previous novels I bought his latest work. And because an Asian writer, i.e. Aravind Adiga could win the Man Booker Prize award, I wanted to see what it's all about:

The Lost Symbol - RM25.90
The White Tiger - RM24.67

For the woman that I am:

 Eat, Pray, Love - RM25.90

And finally to complete my Malcolm Gladwell collection:

What the Dog Saw - RM23.90

Total damage was RM184.65, which I think is cheap considering the first 6 books at the top of this entry are all printed on glossy thick paper with extremely colourful pictures. Now I'll have lots to read during my trip to Syria and Jordan.


Anonymous said...

RM184.65 for 10 books?! Why, that's only about RM18.47 per book, which is about less than S$10 or less than S$100 for 10 books!

That's it, I'm going up to Malaysia for any other book fairs!

Brad Farless said...

Good deals, though those aren't the types of books I'd normally read. My wife is reading What the Dog Saw. She seems to be very interested in it. I'll have to ask her what it's about.

Brad Farless said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
aud said...

A very good haul - I'd go crazy at a book fair.

I'm starting The Lost Symbol today :). Let me know if Aravind's book is good?

Julie Lim said...


Singaporeans have one of the best buying power in Malaysia due to the currency exchange. I like to think of it as Spore's FDI into Malaysia :-)

Julie Lim said...


Malcolm Gladwell presents his intelligent ideas in a down to earth manner which makes an interesting read. Maybe that's why your wife is interested in that book :-)

Julie Lim said...


Yeah tell me about not going crazy at a book fair :-) I haven't started The White Tiger yet, but definitely will soon!

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