Saturday, 1 January 2011

Looking Back at 2010 ...

Just a couple of hours ago I was blog hopping to see what other bloggers wrote to close 2010. Most of them had something interesting going on in their lives. Some of them even had something interesting going on every month of the year.

And then I looked at my own life and realised that my whole life has revolved around work, work and more work. The only 3 exciting stuff I did in 2010 were:

1) Climbed Mount Bromo in Indonesia in March.
2) Day trip to Ipoh on Malaysia Day (16 Sept) for a food fiesta. And I still have not blogged about how I conveniently forgot about my weight and stuffed my face like there was no tomorrow!
3) Visited Syria and Jordan in September and October.

I see friends and family reach milestones in their lives like buying a house, getting married, having kids and getting a job promotion. The only thing that's exciting in my life is when I change jobs or when I travel. Pathetic.

I know I need to be thankful for so many things in life like my health, friends and family. But it's sad that my life revolves around nothing else but work. It's a lousy feeling to have on the first day of a new year, but I think I'm stuck in a rut.

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Marsha M said...

Your three achievements is already more than mine. :-P Mine is zilch. Yep, zero. hahaha....actually, it all depends on what you want to achieve. Those with kids look at your achievements and say, 'Wah, climbed Mount Bromo...amazing!'

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