Sunday, 9 January 2011

5 Reasons Why Malaysians are Obese

Towards the end of 2010, the Ministry of Health in Malaysia placed adverts in the local papers stating that 2 out of 5 Malaysians are obese.

Obesity advert in Malaysian newspapers

I know most Malaysians are obese, but I didn't realise the statistics were this high! Here is my take on why Malaysians have reached this point of no return:

Cannot stop eating
Malaysians live to eat rather than eat to live. One of the main culprits is because of the glorious food that is available 24 hours in most parts of Malaysia. Did you know that Malaysia has one of the best hawker food in the world? If you're not familiar with Malaysian food, click here.

All these eating and feasting is a good tourism boost for the country, but a detriment for its people.

Not enough exercise
How many Malaysians you know make exercise part of their lifestyle? The figure is very small. They would rather spend time at the shopping malls and at the mamak stalls.

Lazy lifestyle
Ask most Malaysians to walk a little bit further to reach their destination and they would complain incessantly. They would rather drive everywhere and that's why cars sell like hot cakes in Malaysia.

One of the most blatant forms of Malaysian laziness is at the parking lot in shopping malls or hypermarts. They would rather sit and wait in the car for somebody to vacate the spot right in front of the entrance rather than parking a little further away and walk the short distance.

Whenever anyone ask if they can join me on my travels, the first question I would ask them is whether they can walk for long distances because I don't take the cab unless I really have to. Most people can't do that and that's why I travel alone most of the time.

Late dinners
I read somewhere that a certain Malaysian supermodel takes her dinner before 6pm everyday. Well, there's a logical layperson's explanation for this. If you eat late dinners or supper and hit the sack immediately after eating, the food will stay in your stomach and the fat will get absorbed into your body making you a fat blob in the long run.

Poor eating habits / Pressure to follow the majority
I was having dinner with an acquaintance and he recommended I take the mango lassi. I decided not to cause I had already burst my calorie quota for the day and it was already dinner (read Point 4). And then he asked me, "Are you always this regimented?" That almost blew my top and I wanted to reply, "Cause I don't want to end up like a fat blob like you!"

So you see, Malaysians have poor eating habits, and sometimes when you don't eat or drink like they do, they will say you're regimented and all. It's not easy, but you have to hold your ground, and think of the benefits of having a healthy body and slim figure as a motivating factor.

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