Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Review: Farah Hotel in Amman - Friendly English-Speaking Staff, Good Tour Packages

Farah Hotel was one of the hotels we stayed in during our trip to Jordan. The hotel is located in Downtown Amman and within walking distance to the Citadel, Roman Theatre, shops and restaurants. All its staff can speak English and are helpful.

A flight of stairs leads to Farah Hotel.

We were attracted to stay at Farah Hotel mainly because of the various tour packages it offers. Sure saved us a whole lot of trouble had we travelled to these places on our own.

       We joined the Dead Sea tour (JD 17.00) that took us to Madaba, Mt Nebo, Bethany-Beyond-the-Jordan and the Dead Sea. Can you spot the tour in the photo above?

                          Write your name under the tour that you wish to join one day before.

Farah Hotel offers a range of rooms from privates to dorms. Because the Jordanian Dinar is super huge (equivalent to the Euro!), we had to save every penny for Petra. So we opted for the female dorm that costs JD 5.00/person/night.

Since it was a female dorm, I could sleep soundly cause no one farted or made funny noises like when I slept in a mix dorm in Bath, England.

We stayed in the female dorm for JD 5.00/person/night.

Bathrooms and toilets were located outside the dorm. Most of the bathrooms were clean with the exception of a few toilets that stank with human excrement.

One guest even yelled at the staff for not cleaning up the mess. The mess was left there throughout the couple of days that we stayed there! So yeah, the guest had every right to yell.

                                          This is one of the cleaner toilets in Farah Hotel.

Like most hostels or backpackers joint, the hotel has internet, laundry, international phone calls, etc. They also sell hot and cold beverages. Take a look at the list of services and items and their prices:

If you feel that the prices are too expensive, there's a small shop opposite Farah Hotel that sells hot and cold beverages and sandwiches for a cheaper price.

But don't tell them I told you.

                                  Enjoy a cup of coffee at the little shop opposite Farah Hotel.


Compra coletiva de hoteis said...

Really,This one is very nice and great information of farah hotel.This hotel is one of the best and excellent hotel.I like this hotel.

Julie Lim said...

Yeah, Farah Hotel is a good hotel indeed. I was thankful that the staff there could speak English cause meeting someone in the Middle East who can speak English is extremely difficult.

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