Sunday, 17 April 2011

Ipoh - Land of Food

This post has been sitting in my list of draft posts for ages. But now it's time I share the story with you.

Angie and I celebrated Malaysia Day last year with a day trip to Ipoh to gorge ourselves silly a.k.a. food trip lah.

Before travelling to Ipoh, we did our homework on what to eat for breakfast, lunch and snacks in between. Our schedule was Restoran Foh San (Dim Sum) for breakfast, Hor Fun for lunch and Ipoh White Coffee in between. Do we sound like gluttons or not? But then again, most Malaysians are, hahaha.

Foh San started off in a small shop somewhere in Ipoh many years ago. Business must be damn good cause they recently upgraded their business to this 3-storey super duper dim sum building. Foh San has brought dim sum to the next level. If you ask any Ipoh fella where is Foh San, for sure they'll know where it is.

Here are some of the food that we had at Foh San:

Carrot cake.

Don't know the name for this dish. But it tastes like chee cheong fun.

Don't know the name for this one either. I really suck at Chinese food names.

Siu mai black pepper style. Different but nice.

I call this Yam Cake.

Dim sum for me will be incomplete without the egg tart. Foh San's one very delicious.

Use this order sheet to make your yummy orders.

After pigging out at Foh San, we walked around and explored the lovely St Michael's Church. Beside the church is SM Convent Ipoh and Sam Tet which produces top scorers in major exams year on year. Yeah, to missionary schools!

(Note: Since this entry is about food, food and more food, I don't want to distract your attention with photos of the buildings I mentioned)

Next we headed to Pasir Pinji where we sat under cool trees and had more to eat.

The huge trees provided shade to the stalls under it.

Here are some of the food we had under the tree:

Noodle soup, noodle vermicelli and some fried stuff which I don't know the name. Told you I suck at Chinese food, right? 

First time drinking this drink called "Red Bean Ice". Verdict? I can go on drinking this till my last days.

After the eating session at Pasir Pinji, we headed back to town for some Ipoh White Coffee, which is famous for its aroma, taste and smoothness. You can drink it either hot or cold. Since it was a hot day we opted for cold Ipoh White Coffee.

Behind the drinks you can see our Ipoh-mari host, Lim Yong Kim licking his coffee. Very nice boy ...

I went home with a belly full of Ipoh-mari food. Satisfying nonetheless ...


melvin said...

if i get to visit malaysia its really the food that i'm looking forward to.this post makes me hungry!

Julie Lim said...

Hi Melvin,

Yeah Malaysia is known for its delicious food. So please pig out when you come here ;-)

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