Sunday, 11 November 2012

Fridge Magnets from Australia and Vietnam

Celia was in the Land Down Under recently, about the same time I was in Nepal. And she got me these lovely fridge magnets:

 The orang asli of Australia.

 Celia bought this lovely teapot magnet from the Treasured Teapot Museum in the Blue Mountain region. After seeing the photos she took at the museum, I'm so tempted to start a teapot collection from the countries I've been to. But I lack space in my apartment to display the teapots.

The iconic Sydney Opera House.

More magnets from Sydney.

And to detour from the Australian magnets, a colleague who was in Vietnam recently for work got me this couple magnet:

Cute, huh?

My collection of fridge magnets have grown tremendously thanks to wonderful friends and colleagues who think about me whenever they travel.

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juphelia said...

I love the set from Vietnam!

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