Sunday, 23 December 2012

Malacca Fridge Magnets

Celia was in Malacca recently for an episode of eating and shopping which you can read here.

And as usual, the thoughtful lady bought me some lovely fridge magnets which I love so much because it's part of my peranakan heritage.

The nyonya kebaya is the costume for peranakan ladies. Eventhough I'm peranakan, I don't have one, and the accessories that were handed down by grandma  are gone when someone broke into my apartment recently. Maybe it's time to get my own kebaya, which I think will turn heads if I don't wear a chemise ;-)

Beaded slippers are another work of art by the peranakans. Again, I don't have my own pair. Maybe because it's not practical to wear. 

 Malacca is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, together with the other place where peranakans reign - Penang.

These Chinese characters mean 'everlasting'. To Celia, everlasting can represent many types of relationships like love, friendship, parenthood, etc. To me, I only want to find everlasting love.


juphelia said...

Glad you like them! :-) Kind friends of mine also brought back magnets from Rome, Hong Kong and Macau, which I will be posting up soon!

Julie Lim said...

I'll be looking forward to your post!

khengsiong said...

I don't believe in everlasting. Just value what is present.

Happy New Year :)

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