Monday, 11 February 2013

501 Amazing Facts About Malaysia

Do you know that there are 878 islands in Malaysia with the state of Sabah leading the way with 394? Like Sir Richard Branson who owns Necker Island in the British Virgin Islands, some of these Malaysians islands are privately owned too like Pulau Gemia and Pulau Rawa in Johor as well as Pulau Padanan in Sabah.

Can someone please tell me how to purchase one of these lovely islands and how much it would cost? ;-)

Now let's move on to an interesting fact about the island of Pulau Pinang or Penang, which is famous for its colonial buildings, delicious hawker grub and relaxing beaches. Do you know that there are another 2 islands in Malaysia by the same name? One is situated off the east coast of Johor and another in the Redang archipelago in Terengganu. Rest assured, when you say you're going to Penang, people would know you're going to the Pearl of the Orient, the one with the UNESCO World Heritage Site status.

These interesting facts about Malaysia can be found in the book, 501 Amazing Facts About Malaysia by Venkat Hari.

"It's amazing there are so many little known facts about Malaysia that we Malaysians are unaware. I am hoping to disseminate this information so that Malaysians will realise the beauty and gem of our country and it can help boost domestic tourism," says Venkat who spent hours researching and verifying the facts in this book. He has carefully divided the facts into chapters like Amazing Sights, History Titbits and Mysterious Facts.

If you're amazed with the facts in this book and are planning a road trip throughout Peninsular Malaysia, don't expect to make a pit stop for a Happy Meal in Perlis cause the state does not have any McDonald's restaurant! That is indeed another interesting fact about Malaysia!

Note: 501 Amazing Facts About Malaysia is sold in these bookshops at RM9.90 per copy. You may also contact Venkat Hari at +6 013 320 7981 to get a copy. The facts in this book are so interesting that the first edition has been sold out and is into its second edition. 


Jard The Great said...

I want to buy this! thanks for the info!

Julie Lim said...

You're welcome, Jard the Great :-)

501malaysiafacts said...

Hi Julie, today's Star has a good coverage

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