Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Review: Cyberview Resort & Spa

I personally know of 2 couples who got married at Cyberview Resort & Spa. One of them is Gerald who had his wedding reception at that lovely resort 7 years ago. 

The landscape of Cyberview Resort is so lovely that Gerald and wifey decided to take their wedding photos there instead of the studio.

After hearing and seeing all that Cyberview Resort & Spa has to offer as a romantic getaway, I was privileged to spend Valentine's Day there recently.

Upon arrival at the lovely resort, we were ushered to our Executive Deluxe Room.

My favourite furniture was the four-poster bed complete with drapes which makes it so romantic. Just makes you wanna lower the drapes and fall asleep in the arms of your man. 

And the mattress was so comfy I had to drag myself up from bed the next day :-)

All the furniture in the room is made from teak, which gives the room a rustic, romantic feel.

The room also had a lovely bathroom with bath tub for you to take a nice, romantic bath together :-)

I was impressed with the superfast wifi in the room. No password is needed which I like, cause I always type in the wrong one, especially passwords with lots of numbers and alphabets.

That evening we indulged ourselves with a Valentine's Seafood BBQ Buffet Dinner at Verandah Restaurant.

They had my name printed ready on the table when we arrived. I thought the gesture added a nice personalised touch to our dining experience. 

The buffet spread was commendable ...

... with a selection of nicely decorated cakes to capture the romantic mood of the evening.

Such lovely looking cakes. I'm not so much of a dessert person, so I didn't indulge myself with these sinful delights.

A chocolate fountain in the spread seemed appropriate for Valentine's Day. 

As what most people would swear by ... that chocolates are better than sex ;-)

Apart from Verandah Restaurant, Italian restaurant, Bistro Cascata was also ready to host couples who had booked their Valentine's Day dinner there.

I went gallivanting to the bistro just before dinner to watch the staff spruce up the place.

The staff had scattered rose petals on the staircase as a romantic prelude to what's in the upper room.

I was eager to see what's up there and gingerly made my way up the stairs to avoid messing up the petals.

Here's what's in the upper room - your own private chill out place!

Your very own private room to wine, dine and romance your dearly beloved. How cool is that! 
This private room can sit 10 people comfortably. But since it was Valentine's Day, I guess a couple must have booked the whole room for themselves.

So as you can see ... everything at Cyberview Resort & Spa is perfect for couples to get away and spend quiet, quality time together - from spacious rooms to cosy restaurants serving delicious fare. Even the hammocks around the pool are big enough for two to snuggle in!

The resort had indeed gone the extra mile to make this place a haven for romance.

Also boasting of lovely pools with cascading waterfalls set amidst a lovely landscape like the APEC Garden, Cyberview Resort & Spa is also perfect for garden weddings. It's not a wonder that many couples had organised their wedding reception here like my friend Gerald.

The APEC Garden is where most of the wedding receptions are held. 
It's called such cause the 1998 APEC Summit was hosted in Cyberview Resort & Spa. Can you see the silver plaques embedded into the ground? Those plaques has the names of the ministers who attended the summit. 

I would certainly come back to Cyberview Resort & Spa for another round of romanticism.


juphelia said...

Wow... really pretty place! And yes, the place looks just perfect for a romantic wedding! I really love the room, can feel all the romantic air already! :-)

Julie Lim said...

If I get married in Singapore, I'll marry at The Chijmes :-)

juphelia said...

Haha... yes that is a "dream" wedding place for many. If you do that, you have to be prepared to meet the minimum number quota and pay a premium. One of my friends wanted CHIJMES so badly that she booked 2 years in advance! Unfortunately, she could not meet the minimum number of people, so too bad, had to give up the venue.

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