Sunday, 2 July 2017

Enjoy Huge Savings with the Osaka Amazing Pass

If you're planning a visit to Osaka in Japan, use the Osaka Amazing Pass to enjoy huge savings.

The 4 features of this pass that I like are:

1) Free entry to 35 attractions
2) Discounts at selected attractions, retailers and eateries (terms & conditions apply)
3) Unlimited rides on the subway, new tram and bus
4) Free gifts from selected establishments (terms & conditions apply)

There are 2 types of passes, i.e. the 1-day pass and the 2-day pass.

We bought the 2-day pass which costs JPY3,300 per pass.

The 2-Day Amazing Osaka Pass.

When you purchase the pass you'll get a guidebook containing instructions on how to use the pass, attractions that you can visit for free, coupons to redeem your free gift, subway map, other benefits, etc.

The guidebook that comes with the Osaka Amazing Pass.

Read the guidebook carefully and plan your trip in order to maximise the pass.

Note that there are many attractions that you can visit for free by using the pass. The choice is entirely up to you depending on the amount of time you have and your interest.

Let me share with you the four attractions we visited and experienced for free with the 2-day pass.

1) Osaka Castle Museum (JPY600):

2) Japan Night Walk Tour (JPY1,000):

I like to follow walking tours whenever I visit a new city.

3) Cruise Ship Santa Maria Day Cruise (JPY1,600):

Visitors queuing up to enter the ship.

4) Tempozan Giant Ferris Wheel (JPY800):

We had an amazing view of Osaka city from the highest point of the wheel.

We wanted to use the pass for the Tombori River Cruise. Unfortunately tickets were sold out during the two times we were there.

With the Osaka Amazing Pass I also received a free gift when we visited Hard Rock Cafe Osaka ...

... to get my City-T Guitar V+ bottle opener:

Price: JPY1,800 + JPY144 (tax) = JPY1,944 

Since Hard Rock Cafe Osaka is a participating establishment in the Osaka Amazing Pass, I received this free gift for making a purchase:

The gift was four button badges.
You'll need to present your coupon called Tokux2 Coupon (included in the guidebook) to the cashier to redeem your gift.

If we had paid individually for the four attractions, the cost would have been:

Osaka Castle Museum: JPY600
Japan Night Walk Tour: JPY1,000
Cruise Ship Santa Maria Day Cruise: JPY1,600
Tempozan Giant Ferris Wheel: JPY800
Total: JPY4,000

But we paid JPY3,300 for the 2-day pass and also used it to travel across Osaka using the subway for an uncountable number of times. In case you're not aware, subway fares in Osaka are relatively expensive (by Malaysian standards) especially if you purchase individual tickets.

Now you know what to do when you visit Osaka - get the Osaka Amazing Pass because it's a huge saver. Your pockets will be happy, trust me.

Note: All prices are correct at time of posting.

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