Monday, 3 July 2017

Vietnamese Instant Noodles (Pho)

If you've read my blog post before, you would know that I dislike Vietnam mainly because of the many dishonest people there.

The numerous Vietnamese prostitutes who live in my apartment block in Kuala Lumpur and always screaming at the top of their voices have also increased my dislike for all things Vietnamese.

However last week a colleague visited Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam during the long Hari Raya Aidilfitri hols and he brought us each this packet of instant noodles (pho) which I like very much:

I finally found something nice about Vietnam - it's instant noodles (pho).

After opening the packet, the noodles look like luminous plastic (I'm really hoping it's not!). But after cooking it like regular instant noodles, it turned out like a regular pho, and tasty too.

I'm glad my colleague decided to bring us instant noodles instead of other Vietnamese foodstuff which would have sucked like its people.

Coincidentally another colleague had visited Hanoi in Vietnam during the long hols, but he brought us Vietnamese chocolates instead which was one of the worst I've tasted.

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marsha maung said...

I have the feeling but about a completely different country. Lol. Sssshhhh....

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