Sunday, 29 June 2008

Disappointed with Ikea

I was at Ikea with my housemate last Thursday to get a bookcase, mattress and quilt. I especially wanted to get a white Billy bookcase with glass door to keep my beloved book collection free from dust.

When we got to Ikea, the bookcase and my housemate's bed were out of stock, or 'Temporarily Out of Stock' as pasted on the display unit. Apparently new stock will arrive next month. Despite my mattress and quilt in stock, we decided to postpone buying everything so that we don't have to pay twice for delivery. But I bought a few non-stick pots and pans to make up for our journey there.

That was not the only disppointment we experienced. There were no customer service staff around to assist us. We finally met one after searching high and low. Maybe because it was late in the evening during a weekday that Ikea decided to trim their workforce. But they don't realise they are losing potential customers.

Well, I hope Ikea will shape up and Billy will come soon ...

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