Sunday, 29 June 2008

197 Books

That is the number of books in my book collection.

I've been collecting books ever since I could read and 197 is a miserable number. Although I didn't add my encylopedias and reference books to the list, I would have expected it to reach 300 by now.

I discovered this figure after listing down every book I own. I used an Excel spreadsheet to list down the author, year the book was published and publisher, and it came to 197.

I have two libraries in my homes - one in my family house which is already overflowing, and a mini library in my apartment. Since my apartment has more space, I plan to get a bigger bookcase to place my 'babies'. I was planning to get a Billy bookcase from Ikea, but since the stock has ran out (refer to my blog entry 'Disappointed with Ikea'), I might want to get a teak bookcase. Teak furniture are expensive and requires lots of TLC, but I think it would be a worthwhile investment.

My dream would be to allocate an entire room in my apartment as a library. The library would have built-in bookshelves from ceiling to floor. And the shelves would have to be white in colour so that my books can stand out.

Now onwards to building my collection.


Angie Tan said...

hey, good job here!! hope to see you post more often =)

Julie Lim said...

I hope to post once every 2 days. Any yes ... those photos will be up soon.

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