Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Being Thrifty - Change Your Eating Habits

The Government has been advising the 'rakyat' to change their lifestyle after the oil price hike on 3 June 2008.

As a believer of delayed gratification, I have been living in moderation long before 3 June 2008. One way is to eat moderately, especially during lunch at work.

Eat less meat. I normally have lunch at the mix rice stall where I have 'nasi penuh', vege, fried egg and 'banjir' with curry. This only costs me RM2.50!

Another crucial tip is don't order drinks when eating out. The price of drinks usually costs as much as the price of a meal in higher end eateries, which I find absolutely ridiculous. If I'm at work, I'll go back to the office and have my cup of water - FOC. If you must have drinks in case you 'cekik' while feasting on your favourite food, there are many options:

  • order 'sky juice' or Chinese tea.
  • order a soupy dish like noodle soup so that the soup can become your 'drink'; and
  • my favourite option - always bring along your own bottled water.

Now that my friends know why I always order plain water or don't order any at all, I'll continue to share other tips on living moderately in my future entries.


Psyful said...

Wow this is good, but for me I dont have any problem with that since I dont eat to much... :)

Julie Lim said...

No wonder you are so thin ... :-) Thanks for leaving your comment.

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