Monday, 28 July 2008

Being Thrifty 2 - Don't Subscribe to Paid Television

This is a follow-up on my earlier entry, Being Thrifty - Change Your Eating Habits, on how to save money by changing our way of life.

I'm know I'm gonna make enemies with Astro, but I have to say this: One sure way to save money is do not subscribe to paid television. The cheapest package on Astro costs RM37.95, which is an annual savings of RM455.40. But a majority of subscribers go for the more elaborate packages costing at least RM100. You could put that money to better use like investing in unit trust.

The only time I kinda regret not subscribing to Astro is during international sporting events and whenever there's an important world event taking place because Astro's coverage is beyond compare to the local stations. But it's not a life or death situation if you don't subscribe to it.

It's funny how Astro's tagline is 'Making Your Life Richer' when they are draining at least RM37.95 a month from their subscribers. Astro is merely a form of entertainment - you don't need it to survive. And I don't believe in making other people rich unnecessarily.


Sree said...

Well,I am hooked on to Astro, need 'em for sports,movies,Indian shows,business.Maybe we need alternatives- competition,then Astro would perform-even on rainy days.

Julie Lim said...

Ya lor ... already charging people so much, some more give bad service. We need competition to gertak them a bit.

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