Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Sitting in the Dark

After yesterday's horrendous traffic jam after work, here I am again with another bad after-work experience.

Traffic after work today was good. I did not have to wait long for the bus and the journey back to my apartment was a smooth ride.

I was looking forward to my marathon of TV series on Tuesday nights: CSI: Vegas, Pushing Daisies and Desperate Housewives.

Alas when I got home there was no electricity. My apartment was in darkness whereas the other units were brightly lighted. After switching on and switching off the switches, I gave up and called the handyman. He's the guy everyone calls to fix this and that in their units. However he was busy with his kid and said he'll call his friend to take a look.

After that call I managed to fix myself an egg sandwich in the dark and I'm now typing this with aid from fluorescent lights from the corridor. Thank God laptops run on battery!

I better push the 'Publish Post' button now before my battery runs out. Life ...


wak arjun said...

After Monday's gridlock I am very convinced all the taxes that's been flushed to IRD had been misused and abused. And why wouldnt I be thinking as such? The crawl was MASSIVE but NOT ONE single traffic fella was on to help out. HALLO????

Granted la you got your Intelligence dudes supplying you info on what the bad people of PKR were plotting but pleeezzz... don't victimise us taxpayers. We just wanna go to work to earn a living. 2 wasted hours for a 12km ride?

What the F was that man?????

So good to hear you r up & running girl. Must be one of those days ha? U take care now..

Julie Lim said...

Good to see you still have the flair for writing :-)

And the guts to speak your mind ;-)

I couldn't agree more with what you've written!

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