Monday, 15 September 2008

Mooncake Festival - Lovely Boxes & Yummy Contents

Mooncake boxes are getting prettier and more creative by the year. Gone were the days when a mooncake box is just a box to hold mooncakes. It has become creative works of art that are too lovely to throw away.

Let me show you two boxes I received this year:

This box is from Amway.

The box opens to reveal hidden goodies within. Note: I've eaten the goodies when I took this photo :-)

I received the box below from my insurance agent at ING. The cover reminded me of my mortar board on graduation day sans tassels.

Open the cover and you'll find:

  • Chocolate Cream Cheese
  • Green Tea & Milk
  • Pure Lotus 1 Yolk
  • Golden Floss

Not only a lovely box ... but also yummy contents ...


letti said...

hi julie, thanks for dropping by! :) WOW, I didn't realise that mooncake boxes had gotten so fancy! The ones I remember are still the metal ones with maybe a picture of a lady in flowing dresses etc in the front. These look like they can be used over and over as other things! That's real neat. Ooo, and here's hoping everything goes well towards your trip in december!

Julie Lim said...

Hi Letti,

Yes, lots of things have changed these days, including mooncake boxes. I'm going to keep these boxes and use them to store knick knacks and what not.

Hope you have a safe delivery and see you around in blogosphere.

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