Saturday, 21 March 2009

Dr Manhattan and His Glory

Pic from the Internet.

I knew next to nuts about Watchmen before the movie hit our theatres. In my opinion, Watchmen do not enjoy the popularity of other comic superheroes like Superman, Spiderman and Batman, and I wonder why.

Initially I thought it's just another comic book super hero movie. But after reading a Watchmen movie review in the papers that gave it a high rating, I decided that I’m gonna watch it.

The writer who wrote the review also said that the Watchmen graphic novel is superb and that I won’t be disappointed if I read it. So I hit the stores to look for a copy. Being a comic book virgin, I didn’t even know what a graphic novel was! Unfortunately all the bookstores I went to did not have a copy - all sold out. All the other comic fans must have beat me to it!

My motivation to watch Watchmen (I love the way “watch Watchmen” sounds together) also stemmed from a colleague who told me that one of the characters – Dr Manhattan is naked most of the time in the graphic novel. We’re talking about full frontal nudity here, folks … hmmm …

But in the movie, the great censorship board that is greater than Dr Manhattan himself blurred out his vitals. I guess they felt Malaysian audiences can’t handle a blue dick.

In the 2 hours 40 minute long movie, Dr Manhattan sometimes wore undies and also a suit. What I’m thinking is that if Dr Manhattan could wear proper clothing, why does he need to be naked most of the time? Can’t he wear spandex like most of the other comic book super heroes? Maybe it’s the creator’s strategy to attract female and gay fans ;-) But then again, maybe it’s because of Dr Manhattan’s nudity that makes him different. And it is this difference, apart from how he came to be, his intelligent and deep dialogue as well as his infinite powers that makes him the great Dr Manhattan.


Raymond said...

the movie bored me to tears!

Julie Lim said...


I guess that's one of the reasons why Watchmen is not as popular as the other superheroes like Superman and Spiderman!

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