Friday, 5 November 2010

Beware Those Who Suddenly Reappear in Your Life

I'm always weary of people whom I've lost contact with and one day out of the blue they reappear in my life through a phone call, sms or email.

They usually have a hidden agenda, i.e. to sell me some product or service that I don't need.

One day I received a message on Facebook from an old classmate. We added each other on FB a couple of years ago and that was probably the only way we kept in contact - by browsing each other's profile occasionally to see what each of us is up to.

Anway, I didn't have time to reply and after a couple of days I received an email from this same person. She found my email through my FB profile.

This time I replied her email. And her lightning speed reply proved my theory right. Here is an excerpt of her email, complete and unabridged, hehehe:

"By the way, just to let u know that I'm now doing part time in Nu Skin business (heard of it before?)

If you know of some one who is overweight and wanted to reduce or slim down (not only for beauty sake but also for health sake) pls do let me know.

This product work wonders for all my husband family members and they have finally regain their health (high cholestrol, leg pain, etc) without side effects. (no purging like some other products)

As you know being overwight is no good and will cause many complication later in our lives, so pls do let me know if you know of any1 interested to lose wieight.

I attahced some link about TRA (The Right Transformation) and testimonials of my husband family members.

But i think u defintely are not overweight! hahah still slim as ever!:)) That say i saw ur sis, i think she put on weight huh! you can forward to her if you dont mind:) Every gal aims for a slimmer body!

If you need any product for skin care (anti aging is their forte!) then do look for me too! The spa machine is terrific! I'm using it now (just started) , coz i dont go for facial.. (do u?)

and much cheaper than go for facial

** If you would like to hear more abt Nuskin business, do let me know. Once you build your network, the $ is very good:))"

And this was my reply to her:

Dear (Name of Idiot),

Whenever any old friend re-appears in my life after not bothering to keep in touch for donkey years, most of the time they have something to sell. And you've proven my hypothesis correct once again!

When you became a mother, I left congratulatory comments in your FB but you didn't bother to send any note or reply. But now you want to sell me Nu Skin?! What makes you think I'll even bother to meet up with you? Or even to buy your products?

Think about it and please don't contact me again.


Fely said...

Can you imagine if you had won the lottery? I think people will come back from the dead in their thousands even!! LOL!

Julie Lim said...

Hi Fely,

If I win the lottery I would shift to another place and change ny number, LOL !

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