Friday, 17 February 2012

Barcelona El Prat to Plaza Catalunya by Airport Bus

During my recent trip to Europe, I flew from Paris to Barcelona with Ryanair, Europe's equivalent to Malaysia's AirAsia. Ryanair is probably one of the most economical way to get around Europe.

Ryanair flew me from Paris Beauvais to Barcelona El Prat, all for € 31.99 (inclusive of luggage and other taxes).

From Paris Beauvais, Ryanair flies into 2 airports in Barcelona - Barcelona El Prat (T2) and Barcelona Girona. You'd definitely want to fly into T2 as the airport is only approximately 30 minutes to the city.

From T2, the most economical way to get into the city is by Aerobus where a one-way fare is € 5.30 (as at December 2011):

And here's the timetable (as at December 2011) in case you may need it: 

The bus will make a few stops along the way but you'd need to get down at the last stop, i.e. Plaza Catalunya where all the attractions are located - The Ramblas and Antoni Gaudi's masterpieces like Casa Batllo & La Pedrera.

Happy travels!


Queen of hearts said...

Yeah when I sister was staying in Leeds, she once purchased a flight ticket to Ireland via Ryanair for only €1. *jaw drops*

You traveled to all these places alone?

Julie Lim said...

Hi Queen of Hearts,

My jaw is dropping too at that rate!

Yes, I travelled to these places alone, and many jaws have dropped too when I tell them that ;-)

Anonymous said...

"most economical way"
Lol, Aerobus ain't cheap, it's very expensive and created specially for dumbass tourists who don't have a brain. So stop lying to your readers. USE RENFE TRAIN OR LOCAL BUSES.

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