Friday, 3 February 2012

Street Performers in Plaza Del Sol, Madrid

Plaza Del Sol is one of the most popular places in Madrid. This bustling square is constantly full of people browsing the shops and admiring the architecture surrounding it.

When I visited Plaza Del Sol in early December 2011, I was fascinated with its street performers. I wonder how these people make a living by doing this everyday, especially in freezing temperatures during winter.

There are a variety of street performers ranging from street musicians, people dressed as cartoon characters and statues like these fellows:

Obviously the camera is at a wrong angle, as the this guy's arm blocking his face. I blame it on the freezing temperature that caused my photography skills to go haywire.

Evil at its best - Satan (?) and Dracula. Ignore Winnie the Pooh in the background.

I didn't notice there were men inside the table until the one in the middle suddenly screamed at me. They give unassuming people a scare.

This fruit lady is one of my favourite:

I tried taking a photo of her but she kept moving moving around. So this is my best shot of her.

And my all time favourite is Jesus Christ himself:

Is this cool, or what?!


khengsiong said...

It is said that church attendance in Europe has declined. Maybe the Jesus Christ is there to tell them, "Go back to church!"

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Kel said...

Puerta del Sol.

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