Friday, 24 February 2012

New Lappy

Got meself a new HP lappy last Sunday for RM1,199 from Low Yat Plaza.

The old Toshiba lappy's going to die soon - motherboard and battery problem which would cost around RM400 to repair the mother and RM250 to get a new battery, so might as well get a new lappy altogether.

Lugging my new lappy around for travel or working on projects would now be "lighter" as this baby's only 1.56 kg.

The shop threw in speakers and a sleeve as part of the package:

I also managed to talk the sales person to throw in more freebies. Asking is definitely for free!

Yeah I know Halloween was in November, but it's free :-)

However after 3 days of using the damn lappy, this is what happened, wth!

Looks like I'll be making another trip to Low Yat Plaza this weekend ...


JIPP said...

oh gawd. what a happy story in the beginning and suddenly sad in the end. I was about to congratulate you. But yeah, I'm sure it is covered by warranty. Those freebies cool too. I suddenly feel heavy in my breath thinking of my old getting-worn-out lappy. uhuks.

Julie Lim said...

Hi Jipp,

Didn't realise I wrote it anti-climax style until you pointed it out.

Anyway, I have to go to the HP HQ in Bukit Damansara if I want to get it fixed on the spot. And they would most probably give me a new keyboard :-)

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