Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Triple B - Bali, Bromo & Borobudur

I've been neglecting this blog for 1 week already, thanks to my numerous writing assignments.

For the next issue of the mag, I have to complete 3 personality profiles, 1 feature article and 1 advertorial. The Editor must love me so much ... (grins).

Anyway, the start of 2010 is all about travel, something I absolutely love doing!

In 2 weeks time I'll be in Bali with the family sans family dog. Really looking forward to getting a Brazilian wax, traditional lulur massage and ear candling whilst I'm in Bali cause it's damn cheap over there. I'll be so pretty after that, hahaha.

Also considering braiding my hair in Bali, but must see how first. My hair is dry and frizzy; I can imagine how it would look like when I remove my braids - my hair will put the members of Alleycats and Boney M to shame.

And just after Chinese New Year next month I'll be going to Indonesia (again!) to climb Mount Bromo, an active volcano and to visit Borobudur, the largest Buddhist temple in the world.

I think I deserve an award from the Indonesian government for contributing to the country's economy, hahaha!

Bromo will be my first ever volcano, and I hope it won't be spitting lava when I get there. Otherwise potong stim (no pun intended). But I'll have to start training for it. Although I anticipate it's gonna be easier than climbing Mount Kinabalu, I'm not gonna take things for granted.

Now back to completing that personality profile and replying emails.


aud said...

Oh, enjoy your trips!

Julie Lim said...

Thanks Aud! And don't forget to update your blog too! I'll be hopping there soon to make a few comments :-)

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