Friday, 1 May 2009

What I Bought at the MPH Distributors Warehouse Sale

I was so happy when I heard that the MPH Distributors Warehouse Sale was on.

Thanks to the slow economy, I decided to zoom in on the books I wanted instead of going on a buying frenzy like before.

I've heard and read so much about Terry Pratchett and the Discworld series. So I decided to buy 2 copies (RM20 each). So happy managed to get the first book in the series - The Colour of Magic because it's quite hard to find this book in bookstores.

Lately I've become a fan of Neil Gaiman because the fella's work is damn brilliant. So I specifically went there to hunt for his books and managed to get Interworld for RM30.

And of course being an avid traveller, I got a few Lonely Planet guides and also Bill Bryson's Neither here Nor there (RM30) because I heard he's a fantastic travel writer.

(LP England: RM66.00, LP Scandinavian Europe: RM75.00)

Grand Total Damage: RM241.00

Now I so must get a bigger bookshelf.

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Anonymous said...

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