Monday, 25 May 2009

My Travel Expenses ... So Far ...

Boat ride to Koh Phi Phi Don, Thailand

I have a habit of keeping a record of all my expenses whenever I travel. Be it a snacks bought from a roadside stall or even toilet fees, I'll jot the cost down into a notebook.

After the trip ends, I'll transfer all the expenses to an Excel spreadsheet and keep the file in my thumbdrive. I have a separate spreadsheet for each of my trip.

The other day I was spring cleaning my thumbdrive and glanced through the spreadsheets from 2005 till my last trip to Manado about 2 weeks ago.

I decided to add up all the expenses. So after 8 trips which brought me to 26 cities in 6 countries, my travel expenses came to RM12,246.09.


AudMraz said...

Hi Julie

Long time long time :)

Gosh you manage your expenses well, alas I am still learning.


juphelia said...

That is actually not that bad! One trip for me will already cost S$4,000 on the average! So if I go on 6 trips to 26 countries, I'll probably spend about S$30,000 or more!

Julie Lim said...


I need to manage my travel expenses well because I believe that every cent saved from one trip could be used for the next :-)

Now that I've become a Follower of your blog, I'll be posting comments regularly there :-)

Julie Lim said...


You'll make many people rich whenever you tavel, hahaha.

I keep my travel expenses low by living in dorms and hostels and by eating simple. I hardly buy any souvenirs too.

Because my money is limited, I believe that every cent saved from one trip could be used for the next :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Julie,

Haha.. should start learning from you! Then perhaps I can afford more trips a year! :-)

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