Thursday, 7 May 2009

Our Beautiful Chalet on Bunaken Island

This is the chalet that Angie and I stayed in whilst we were on Bunaken Island.

Swaying coconut trees and blue skies provide a superb background for our chalet.

This is how the inside of the chalet looked like:

Check out the mosquitoe net hanging above the beds and the antique fan on the table.

The unique part about this chalet is it's open air washroom.

Whenever I took a shower, I look up and see this:

It's even prettier at night when I shower under millions of twinkling stars.

And every night after a tiring day of snorkeling, we'll sit on the veranda of our chalet and enjoy a bottle of Bintang beer.

What would life be on a tropical island without the Bintang.


Anonymous said...

Nice!! What a cosy haven! Especially the showering under the sky and stars! Hope you had a great time!

Julie Lim said...

Hi Juphelia,

Indeed it was a cosy haven - too cosy till I couldn't get up in the morn. The beds were just too comfortable :-)

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