Monday, 4 May 2009

Obnoxious People on the LRT and Bus

By the time you read this I'd be on Bunaken Island in North Sulawesi.

And as I snorkel with the rich marine life here, I'll try not to think about the obnoxious people I meet daily in the LRT and bus in KL.

I'm leaving them all behind for 4 glorious days!

1) People who refuse to move further into the LRT or bus. Their action deprives others from getting onto the train/bus. Everytime I encounter people like that, I feel like giving them a tight slap for being so inconsiderate.

2) People who take their own sweet time to get into the LRT. There was once I was rushing to get to work. The Monorail was just pulling into the station when I arrived. After grabbing my card from the turnstile, I made a dash for the train.

By that time the last few passengers were already stepping into the train, and the alarm (which signaled that the door was closing) was already ringing. And there was this girl who was swinging her arse as she slowly got in.

I made a dash and pushed the stupid bitch into the train before the door closed. I got clipped a little by the door but I managed to get to work on time.

3) People who lean against me on the bus. The other day there was this woman who leaned her tummy on my shoulder as I sat in the bus. And her tummy looked like it contained triplets, so imagine the toil it took on my shoulder. Luckily she moved further into the bus soon after that.

Oh yeah, I've also encountered a guy was getting a hard-on using my shoulder. WTF !!!

4) People who sit 'kangkang' (legs wide open). The culprits are usually guys who need ventilation for their 'goods' or they are just being hum-sup (cheeky?) and want to brush their legs against the girl sitting beside them.

5) People who lean against the pole in the LRT or bus where you hang on for dear life. When I encounter jerks like that, I normally squeeze my fingers around the pole and they get the idea and move away.

But there are some who don't; like an incident I saw whilst on the KTM Komuter. A young girl was leaning against a seat, depriving an older lady of hanging onto it. The older lady advised the girl to move so that both of them can hold the seat together. The young girl just stared at her blankly and continued leaning!

So bye-bye obnoxious people, till we meet again ... soon.

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