Thursday, 21 May 2009

Hunt Down All Non-Moving Water Meters

This world is full of morons.

I received a letter from the management of my apartment. The letter informed that my water meter was not working. I had to get a new one within one week, otherwise they'll simply bang a higher water bill for my unit.

So I called up the management office yesterday to ask how did they know my meter was not working.

The moronic officer who answered my call said that all units that have a low meter reading or meters that didn't move will have to change their meter because it is assumed that it's not working. WTF!

He cannot make such an assumption because each apartment unit would have a different number of residents - some units have small families, some have big families while some are vacant units. So the water consumption varies from unit to unit. And how the hell would he know how many residents each unit has?

Eventhough I was boiling inside, I held my cool and explained that I live alone with a housemate who is perpetually not there. I mop my whole unit once every 2 weeks and I send most of my clothes to the dobby. So my water consumption should be low.

Moreover I moved into the brand new apartment with a brand new water meter about 2 years ago and the reading has been consistent since then. So how can it not be working?

After giving Mr Moron my unit number, he rechecked and said that my meter is indeed moving albeit slowly, and therefore I don't need to change it! Wah ... so fast change mind ah?

Now I'm going to wait and see if my water bill next month will be higher than usual. You see, there's nothing in black and white to indicate that I don't have to change my water meter. Only the first letter remains. And if another moronic officer decides to follow-up on the case, I'm bound to get a higher water bill.

If that happens, I'm personally going to see whichever moron that's left in the management office and give him a piece of my mind.


Salt N Turmeric said...

wah simply assume if the reading is low its not working? so bangang one. and why the hell would he care? he works with the office mgt so why shud it concern him if the meter doens't work? shudn that be the water ppl's concern?

Julie Lim said...

Farina a.k.a. Salt N Turmeric,

Yes, this is indeed a bangang officer.

I think this officer got nothing to do in the office, that's why he's looking into matters that should be the water ppl's concern.

How not to have stress when I'm surrounded with idiots like this ... tsk tsk tsk ...

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