Saturday, 15 August 2009

Expectation & Acceptance

I stumbled upon this poem from a blog:

Expectation is the Mother of Frustration,
Acceptance is the Mother of Peace and Joy,
Never Expect, Always Accept.

I think this poem does not encapsulate most situations in life.

Let's discuss line one of the poem - Expectation is the Mother of Frustration.

For example, let's say your career goal is to become the CEO of a public-listed company. With the neccessary qualifications, hard work and the right connections you finally reach the pool of top management in a company.

Unfortunately the road to become CEO is nowhere in sight due to various circumstances. After all, it's not in everybody's destiny to become a CEO and it ain't easy to become one either.

Would you feel frustrated and disappointed because your high career expectations were not met? Maybe ...

Now let's discuss line two of the poem - Acceptance is the Mother of Peace and Joy.

Let's say you're married to a terrific guy. After 5 years into the marriage you find out he's having an affair. Your whole world shatters because the love of your life has disappointed you terribly. Would you just accept the situation and let the bloody bugger carry on with his unfaithful ways?

I think line 2 is a whole lot of crap.

What do you think?

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