Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Home Quarantine

I got home quarantined today.

I felt sick yesterday evening but the clinic near my office was already closed. So I went home and had some herbal medicine.

This morning I had a fever and went to see the doctor. I was surprised when my temperature hit 38 degrees because I felt fine.

The doctor asked if I wanted to do a H1N1 test, which is the patient's choice - something about patient's charter or something like that.

Of course I agreed to the test, which is by far the worst medical test I've ever done.

I asked the doctor how is the test done but without saying anything, he took a swab that looked like a cotton bud, grabbed my head and shoved the swab into my left nostril. And he shoved it deep into my nose and turned it around till my eyes went teary. Now I know how these CSI fellas take swabs.

He then told me to go have coffee and come back in 15 minutes when the test would ready.

During that 15 minutes I was thinking what if the test was positive?

Am I ready to die?

Have I written a will?

Have I named a beneficiary in all my whatnots?

But one thing's for sure - my dad would be waiting for me.

When I came back to the clinic, the doctor informed that I'm H1N1 negative. He showed me this:

Eventhough I'm H1N1 free, the doctor cautioned that the test is only 60% - 70% accurate. Therefore I would need to be home quarantined just to make sure.

He gave me a list of 8 items to do to get my fever down and to call him if it doesn't.

The best part about all this is the 4 days MC which means I'll be away from the office this entire week!


Anonymous said...

Poor thing! Do take care and get well soon!

Julie Lim said...

Thanks for your wishes Juphelia!

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