Friday, 14 August 2009

I Ask Questions To Know Someone Better

I was having dinner with DM, GS and L at Maredo's Argentina Steakhouse on Jalan P Ramlee. Service was slow and there was this waitress who got our drink orders wrong. Food was also nothing to shout about, but that's not the point of this entry.

While waiting for the food to arrive, I asked DM why did he and GS go to Rum Jungle the night before? DM accused me of being like a 'detective', always wanting to find out things, and GS supported him.

Now ... the day had been long and tiring. I had to walk the whole of Pavilion in my court shoes to look for a digital clock for a function on Tuesday, and my feet were already killing me.

And when somebody accuses me of being a 'detective' when my innocent question was merely to know more about my friends, I got pretty pissed.

I told DM I must shut my f*cking mouth. And I kept silent throughout the entire dinner. I just nodded my head and agreed with whatever they said, and interspersed the conversation every now and then with general questions.

From this experience, I realised one thing - I'm uncomfortable keeping silent during social events when all I wanna do is scream out questions to get to know the other person better.

I value every encounter with someone - be it a friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, sibling, parent, colleague, etc. as an opportunity to get to know the person better. And how am I supposed to do this if I don't ask questions?


juphelia said...

Very true!!! Totally agree with you, if you don't ask questions, how to know a person? I get this from guys before too, they keep so quiet and only give monotonous answers, then later accuse me of scaring people off cos I talk too much! Irritating! To me I feel it defeats the whole purpose of getting to know someone if you don't talk, as I'm not going to just be there and start at each other!

Jiraiya - One of the Legendary Sannin said...

i mean u speak BM faster than a laserjet printer, so just ditch that guy and get a new one. there's always rose after the sober.

Julie Lim said...


Tell me about it ... I think guys who keep quiet and only give monotonous answers are either not interested in getting to know you, or they could be shy. Either way, they bore me to death with their quietness.

Julie Lim said...


I like your sentence - "there's always rose after the sober". Lovely choice of words strung together :-)

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