Thursday, 11 June 2009

Where I'll Be in September 2009

After waiting for the right moment, I mustered my courage, said a prayer, stepped into my boss' office and asked.

The outcome? She approved my leave for this coming September.

So during that time my arse will be in 2 cities for 2 weeks. If you're wondering which 2 cities, let me give you clues.

The clue for the first city is this:

Clue for the second city is this:

Can you guess?

Lots of homework and planning to do.

Can't bloody wait !!!


Anonymous said...

London's a nice place! Just take the Tube and its very convenient to go places! I went for a sale at Oxford Street and bought 2 dresses at just 20 pounds in all! Not to mention the market at Covent Garden. Although I much prefer the rest of England - the countryside and quaint villages, feeling as if you stepped back in time.

AudMraz said...

Oooh, London and Norway (Oslo?)!

Must watch one of the West End Musicals; I'd recommend Le Mis or Phantom. Pity Miss Saigon has ended its run.

Enjoy enjoy enjoy!

Julie Lim said...


I'm planning to stay somewhere centralised and near a Tube station for easy access to the main attractions!

Thanks for the shopping tip. But I don't think I'll be doing much shopping because of the mighty GBP :-(

Julie Lim said...


I thought no one would guess the second clue, but you did! You clever, clever gal!

Yes I'll be going to Oslo and Bergen in Norway :-) Fjords, here I come!

The only West End musical I wanna watch is Mamma Mia!

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