Monday, 29 June 2009

There Can Never Be Another Michael Jackson

On the morning of 25 June 2009, I switched on Mix FM while getting ready to go to work.

The station was playing a medley of Michael Jackson (MJ) hits. I thought it was unusual for a radio station to play a tribute to MJ so early in the morning. But I was happy because it's been a while since I heard his songs.

And then I heard the devastating news.

When Man in the Mirror came on, I sat down on my sofa and let it all sink in. I needed to convince myself that the news was real, that the King of Pop was no more.

Michael Jackson was an icon who made a tremendous impact on many people. Have you seen fans go frenzy at his concerts? Till this very day, only another individual and a band could command such fervour - Elvis Presley and The Beatles.

Ask anyone in their mid-20s and above if they can name at least one MJ song and I bet ALL of them will be able to. Such is the effect MJ has on pop culture and society. And that is why he deserves the title, 'King of Pop'.

I remember falling in love with Michael Jackson and Billie Jean as a kid when my dad bought me the 1983-1984 Grammy Award album with MJ on the cover. I still have the album.

MJ became more prominent in my teens with the release of Bad and Dangerous. I knew the lyrics to almost all his songs. My friends and I wanted to save the world when we heard Man in the Mirror and We Are The World. Such is the folly of youth.

In 1996 I went for his concert at the Merdeka Stadium. Watching the King of Pop perform live was a dream come true, although he was only 10 inches tall from where I sat.

I especially wanted to see how he did the 45-degree leaning forward stunt in Smooth Criminal. I still don't have the answer.

I always thought MJ revolutionised music videos. Before him all videos were dull and boring. He brought life, excitement and a whole new style of doing videos.

MJ's talent in song writing, singing and dancing remains indisputable. Founder of the moonwalk and many other signature moves, who could ever come close? God must have been generous for granting one person so much talent.

The day MJ died it felt as if life will never be the same again. He will always be remembered as the entertainer who moonwalked his way into my heart with his songs and moves.

There can never be another Michael Jackson.


Salt N Turmeric said...

You went to his concert in KL too? Wasn't it like the best concert ever? I was talking to my cousin the other day and told him about the concert. He didn't know abt it since he was only 5 then but I can tell you that he just could not believe MJ actually came here and I went to his concert! lol.

Julie Lim said...

Salt N Turmeric,

I guess we're the privileged few who can tell ppl that we attended MJ's concert in KL!

Just this afternoon my friend who's a die hard MJ fan told me that his unborn kids won't be able to see their dad's idol in the flesh anymore. I told him to stock up on MJ's DVDs and CDs for his unborn kids.

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