Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Good News Day

Today is one of those days where only good news reign.

1) My mum has found a new home for Lucky. She was at the market this morning buying meat when she asked the butcher if he know of anyone who's looking for a puppy. And coincidently he happened to be looking for one! Looks like Lucky will have lots of meat to feast on.

I pray and hope that the butcher will provide her with a good home and shower her with lots of love. I miss that pup already ...

2) I helped a colleague who is in need of money get a freelance job at a friend's event this Saturday. The pay's not much, but at least it's something.

3) I found out from a MM2H (Malaysia My Second Home Programme) agent that my friend DM does not need to pay any tax when he imports his bike to Malaysia. It's a benefit for all MM2H visa holders who do not wish to purchase a tax free vehicle in Malaysia. Otherwise DM would have to pay extremely high import taxes, something like 300%!

4) And lastly, my friend Sue informed that her boyfriend proposed during a getaway at Cherating, Kuantan over the weekend.

I met up with Sue for dinner after work to hear all about the proposal and to see the bling bling. Lucky gal!

After dinner we dropped by at Aloha KL to celebrate the proposal and to finish Sue's JD before its validity expires.

It has been almost 4 months since I stepped into Aloha KL and I couldn't stop grooving to the music. Retro is my favourite!

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