Monday, 8 June 2009

Puppy for Adoption

Someone left a new-born puppy at the back of my house about 2 weeks ago.

When my mum found the pup, she could not decide whether to call her:
  • 'Friday' cause she was found on a Friday; or
  • 'Lucky' cause apparently the Chinese believe it's good luck to find a black dog.

In the end mum decided on 'Lucky' cause it sounds better.

Lucky is currently on a milk diet and she has grown into a chubby and active little mutt in 2 weeks.

Lucky asleep in her cage.

Lucky is so small I can hold her with my two hands held together like scooping water.

Look at those eyes ... How can you say 'no' to Lucky ...

Since my house already has a dog, my mum wants to give Lucky away to any family/person who'll be able to take good care of her.

If you would like to welcome this cute and adorable puppy into your household, kindly drop me a note at


Anonymous said...

Awww... so cute! My heart goes out to him! Coincidentally, I used to have a black dog whom we called "Lucky" too.

A pity we live in different countries, but in any case, my house also already has a dog and my mum only allows one dog in the house! :-( Hopefully he'll be able to find a nice home soon!

Julie Lim said...

Yes, cute right ... :-)

I hope whoever Lucky's new owener is would be able to love her and take good care of her.

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