Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Holiday Souvenirs for Colleagues

Souvenir stalls in Bangkok.

Do you buy holiday souvenirs for your colleagues whenever you holiday out of country?

Well I don't, and I don't plan to start because they'll expect it everytime.

But I've got a few thick-skinned colleagues who have the cheek to ask every single time I return from a holiday.

Come on ... I've already spent hard-earned money on the flight, lodging, food, ground travel, entrance fees, etc. And you expect me to buy holiday souvenirs for you? You can dream on, brother ...

These buggers have no shame at all.

I've heard of a case where a supervisor threatened his subordinates with poor appraisal scores if they didn't buy any holiday souvenir for him. His subordinates eventually made a report to human resources and he got into trouble. Why go through so much trouble for some stupid holiday souvenir?

The next time if any of my colleagues asks, I'm gonna reply, "Buying holiday souvenirs for you is not part of my job description."


Anonymous said...

Normally I'll just bring back snacks and put them in the pantry, then spread the word for the colleagues to help themselves to local produce from the country. Saves all the hassle of being blamed for not bringing back anything and it's more practical than souvenirs in the form of gifts as people have different tastes.

AudMraz said...

I stopped buying souvenirs some time back too because I've seen how some were really unappreciated (not mine though). I limit myself to family only and now it's always foodstuff that can be shared :)

Raymond Hee said...

Julie, in pharmaceutical line doctors would asked for free business clsss air ticket to an exotic holiday destination of their choice from the salesperson else they won't buy the products from the pharma company...what say u?

Julie Lim said...


It's true that snacks are a good idea because everybody can share. But my colleagues are the thick-skinned type who asks for individual gifts. Luckily not all of them are like that!

Julie Lim said...


Gifts tend to go unappreciated because people have different tastes.

Buying food stuff is a good idea! And whoever doesn't like it, nasiblah ... ;-)

Julie Lim said...


Many procument departments I know of tend to ask for kickbacks from their suppliers before giving them the business. It's a rotten way to do business, but that's how it is.

In your case, would the pharmaceutical company profit from Dr 'I-Want-Kickbacks' after taking into consideration the business class ticket that costs a bomb?

I think that's a vital question to ask before they proceed with the deal.

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