Monday, 15 June 2009

Cookies From Macau

Today is a Monday and I need to update my blog. But I don't have anything interesting to share and I'm suffering from writer's block due to insufficient sleep.

So I'm gonna show you what my boss brought back from Macau for the folks at the office. She was on holiday there last week.

These cookies are made using green peas and are quite hard literally on the teeth - don't like. I think they are also available in Malaysia albeit packaged differently.

So that's my very short Monday blog post for you.


Salt N Turmeric said...

A fridge magnet would be better than cookies that can be found in KL!

Julie Lim said...

I totally agree!

Makan cookies dan berak keluar. And then tak sedap pulak. At least the fridge magnet boleh guna, simpan sebagai kenangan.

But I think my boss nak senang. Beli cookies sekali gus cover semua org. Klu fridge magnet, kena pikir: Julie suka yg mana? X suka yang mana?

Cookies pun murah compared to fridge magnet, lol.

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