Thursday, 26 November 2009

What a Movie Experience!

Yesterday I went to TGV KLCC to watch The Time Traveller's Wife.

Since it was a Wednesday, I thought all tickets were RM7.00 each. See, see price already increase to RM8.00, WTH!

I was early so I browsed around in Isetan while waiting for the movie to start. Saw a lovely zebra print legging that costs RM39.20 after discount. But didn't buy cause got so many other expenses this month and the next.

Soon it was showtime and to my dismay the rows of seats were so close to each other I could hardly get to my seat which was about 5 seats in. Must make a mental note that Cinema No. 12 in TGV KLCC is super small only a hobbit could go in.

Since The Time Traveller's Wife was already ending its run, that was the only screening for the day. So I thought there'll only be a handful of people in the cinema and I could spread myself out over 2 seats. Alas, it was not the case - half the hall was filled! So much for high hopes!

When the trailers were playing, a guy in a baseball cap came and sat on my left. And then a plump guy plonked himself on my right. Since when did single guys come to watch a soppy, romantic movie like The Time Traveller's Wife??? Times sure are a changing, man!!!

The plump guy was coughing throughout the movie I was afraid his phlegm and spittle might end up in my Coke which was on the drinks holder beside the seat.

And because the bugger was plump, coupled with the narrow space between the rows of seats, he sat with his legs terkang-kang. Whenever I reached for my Coke, my hand would brush against the side of his thigh. He must either be enjoying himself or thinking I was trying to molest him, WTF!

That was not the end of my movie ordeal.

About 15 minutes into the movie, a fat broad came and wanted to get to her seat right in the middle! The fellas sitting at the end ignored her because I guess they knew how terrible it is to get in. And so the fat broad raised her voice, "I need to get in!"

So everyone had to make way for Ms Humpty Dumpty. Since I am rather petite, I just lifted my legs into a croching position. Otherwise I could have sworn her butt cheeks would have slapped me in the face as she waddled her way in. Yes, the rows of seats were that close and she was that fat!

The lead character in The Time Traveller's Wife is called Henry, played by Eric Bana. Halfway through the movie I realised that Mr Bana also played King Henry VIII in The Other Boleyn Girl. How come Eric Bana's character all named Henry, one?

I was amazed I could connect the dots about such nonsensical information. Maybe because surrounded by single men watching soppy, romantic movies and almost got slapped by the butt cheeks of a fat broad must have taken its toil on my psychological well-being.

And to end my entire movie ordeal, The Time Traveller's Wife sucked big time. I've not read the book, so I don't know whether the book is better than the movie. But whatever it is, I still think the movie sucked big time.


AudMraz said...

Hi Julie,

I am a few chapters into the book right now. (refuse to watch the movie before reading the book, if I do decide to watch it) So the movie sucks eh? Will give it a miss then, or may be until a cheap DVD comes along..haha!

Yeah, sometimes you get funny/weird people as 'company' in these cineplexes. Eeeii, just reading how you describe the plump guy makes me flinch.

Julie Lim said...


Yes better to watch the cheap DVD rather than spend on a movie ticket, hahaha.

I also read somewhere that the movie ending is different from the book ending. And after reading about the book ending on Wikipedia, I think if the movie producer had followed the book ending, many many ladies would have cried their hearts out in the cinema!

Caffenny Tan said...

i too think the traveller's wife movie real storyline

nn said...

hi. dropping by from xchange widget.

i personally thinks the movie was great. maybe because i love soppy love stories. hehe

hv a nice weekend :)

Julie Lim said...


Yup, the movie didn't have a good storyline, and a good storyline is extremely important in a movie.

Half way watching The Time Traveller's Wife, I started getting aggitated. Where is all these time travel gonna lead Henry to? I mean, get to the chase lah, bro! Hahaha.

Julie Lim said...


Thanks for dropping by!

Well, what can I say but ... One woman's Movie of the Year is another woman's Turkey of the Year, hehehe.

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