Monday, 30 November 2009

Four Guy Stuff I Do Well

Here is a list of items I take pride in doing well because not many ladies know how to do 'em.

1) Map reading. I was in Singapore with a girlfriend and we were discussing how to get to Orchard Road from Waterloo Street. So we opened the map and I could pinpoint Orchard Road straight away, thanks to my habit of doing much research before visiting any place. A guy friend who was with us said that I'm the first lady he's met who is able to read a map. I was like, duh ...

2) Parking. I can park in all styles - side parking, 3-point-turn parking, L parking, backside-in parking; I can do it all.

You know what they say about women being bad drivers and poor parkers. I thought it was a chauvanistic way of thinking until I saw a girl struggling to park her Avanza backside-in at the Sunway Pyramid Shopping Complex. After many failed attempts, she drove off, probably hoping to find another parking space that can fit a 12-wheeler lorry trailer. I thought she was a disgrace to the gender.

Another time I was driving with a male colleague for a work assignment. When we reached our destination, he cynically asked if I could do the side parking. I said, "Watch me". With one turn of the steering wheel, the car was in. That shut him up.

3) "Offside". I understand what is "offiside" in soccer, thanks to my dad who patiently explained it to me during the numerous times we watched soccer together. I also learned from him that "offside" is known as "curi ayam" in Bahasa Malaysia. The year he died, I watched the 2002 FIFA World Cup Finals alone and reminisced what he would have said.

4) DIY. I can assemble a DIY cupboard all by myself. My sis bought a bookrack from Giant and didn't know next to nuts how to assemble it. I came to the rescue and the cupboard was standing in about 2 hours. My latest feat was assembling a whole lot of Ikea furniture on my own.


juphelia said...

I, too, can read a map! I'm the GPS whenever I go overseas with my family!

Julie Lim said...


Let's form a club called, "Girls Who Can Read Maps", LOL !!!

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