Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Cobra Dream

Two nights ago I had a bad dream.

I was holding onto a cobra's head and trying to prevent it from biting me. The cobra was vicious and it's fangs were out, ready to strike.

I figured that if I held tightly onto the cobra's head and keeping my arms far from my body, it would prevent the cobra from biting me.

The same dream repeated itself twice and then I woke up.

I feel that this dream is telling me something because rarely do I get a dream that repeats itself. But what is the message behind this dream?

Am I holding on tightly to someone or something that is not good for me?

Am I afraid that if I let go of someone or something, I would get hurt in the process? And so therefore I hold on tightly?

Is God trying to tell me to let go of someone or something? If yes, what is it?

Dreams are confusing and I think only time will tell what this dream truly means. But I sure hope someone would show me the way.

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