Saturday, 7 November 2009

Inactivity on This Blog Thanks to FarmVille

I've not been been updating my blog actively these past few weeks. Previously I was very rajin (hardworking) and posted an average of 2 entries per week. Now one entry per week also susah (difficult) to do.

Well, my absence on Blogger is because of one thing - FarmVille !!!

If you don't know what FarmVille is, then you must be a Facebook (FB) virgin. This game has been on FB for some time but only lately I've found the time to learn the game.

In this game, I am farmer in-charge of my own farm. I need to plant trees, vegetables and flowers as well as rear poultry to earn gold coins and points to move to the next level.

What makes FarmVille addictive is that I am able to flex my creative streak and do all sorts of things in my farm.

I'm learning to plot my land carefully so that when the plants are fully grown it comes out as a picture; something like crop circles. My first attempt was to plant a shape of crosses within crosses using eggplants, daffodils and bell peppers. And it turned out perfectly!

Part of the challenge of FarmVille is to choose plants according to their colours and harvest time. You would want to choose plants that have the same harvest time and matching colours.

Some of my 'neighbours' farms, are so pretty with a full collection of decoratve items like a bird bath, gazing ball, bales of colourful hay, various kinds of topiary, hot-air balloon and the list goes on. To get these item you would need to have good 'neighbours' to send them to you. Alternately you could buy them using the gold coins earned from your harvest.

Sounds interesting? You bet it is!

So pardon my lack of updates on this blog for the time being. Things will go back to normal once this craze of mine dies down.

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