Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Raju Restaurant is Expensive!

My colleague and I went to Section 5 in Petaling Jaya this morning to collect a few newspaper clippings that we had sent there for framing.

After collecting the clippings and leaving them in the car, we realised it was already 12.00pm. So I suggested we have lunch in Raju Restaurant (yes, the famous one) before heading back to the office. The restaurant is only a few doors from the frame shop.

It has been a long time since I ate at Raju's. Most of the time when I wish to satisfy my craving for banana leaf rice I'd go to Nirwana's Restaurant in Bangsar. Since I was already at Raju's, I thought it would be a good opportunity to eat there again.

So we went in, took our seats and placed our orders. Since it was just before lunch time, there wasn't many customers around; so service was prompt.

The curry was rather mild compared to the last time I ate there when it was fiery with lots of spices. So it was ok for me.

But what made today's banana leaf rice experience unforgetable was payment time - my bill alone came to RM13.50!

I had basic rice and veg (RM5.50) and a plate of chicken varuval (RM7.00). Other restaurants charge average RM4.00 for the rice and veg and average RM4.00 for a plate of chicken varuval.

But what got me furious was the RM1.00 charge for rasem!

While other banana leaf restaurants serve rasem for free, Raju's charge it's customers RM1.00. This is a blatant case of daylight robbery.

After paying the bill and grumbling in my heart, I vowed never to return to Raju's again.

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