Thursday, 16 July 2009

Boss in a Crappy Mood

After so many weeks of literally shaking legs at the office, 2 major events will take place next month with both events falling a week apart. As such I'm rushing to complete whatever that needs to be done.

My boss has been in a crappy mood since the one whom she reports to is giving her a hard time with these 2 upcoming events. And she takes it out on her staff.

Just 2 weeks back she called me a bloody fool to my face. And she used the F-word on her staff. I think I've lost all respect for her.


fazu said...

julie - tak tahu nak comment apa bila dapat boss macam ni. susah kan?!

Julie Lim said...


Yes memang susah ada boss cam tu! That's why kalau diberi peluang, ramai orang akan pilih untuk bekerja sendiri.

Rock LEE said...

which F word? can u spell it OUT?

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