Friday, 31 July 2009

My Bagful of Purchases at the PC Fair

I just got back from PC Fair held at the KL Convention Centre. I had forgotten all about it until I heard my colleagues talking about it.

The crowd was not so big compared to the weekends. I could breathe properly and move around unlike the last time I was there on a Saturday when all hell broke loose!

Here's what I bought at the PC Fair this evening:

Lappy bag at RM73. Saw three different booths selling exactly the same bag at varying prices.

Camera bag to fit my beloved Canon Ixus 110IS. Costs me RM22.

Reason I bought the lappy bag is because I'll be bringing my lappy back to hometown more often during the weekends due to a few writing assignments that have come up.

And the camera bag is for me to fish my camera out easily when I go to England in September. Bath, Canterbury, London and Stonehenge are so waiting for me!


Raymond Hee said...

wow....u travel a lot these days huh. btw take lotsa pics in UK. have a great trip ya!

Angie Tan said...

a nice bagful indeed !
make sure they are well traveled too !

Julie Lim said...


Travelling is one of my passions! Be sure to come back here to read all about my UK trip :-)

Julie Lim said...


I'll make sure my bags are well-travelled like you ;-)

Art said...

Julie Pooh:
I will be waiting to see the pictures from Bali.
I didn't take any in New Jersey for obvious reasons..hahahhaa

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