Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Plagiarism is Plagiarism

As expected, Jason Tan defended himself vehemently claiming he didn't plagiarise, blah blah blah.

And he brought his entire army of 5 person's to stand by him.

For the sake of transparency and to let you know what type of person Jason and his friends are, I've approved all comments (nasty and not so nasty) from him and his friends on my blog.

You can read their comments by clicking here, here and here. Scroll down to the bottom of each page and read what they've written.

Now let's get down to what Jason & Friends have written.

Point Number 1

In Jason's reply to my comment not to plagiarise anyone's work, he wrote this sentence:

"The answers were there as well.AND I DID NOT COPY AY OF THEM. I merely used them as reference to insert my own answers. "

What does "used them as reference to insert my own answers" mean? To me, it could only mean one thing - copying someone else's work.

Point Number 2

Some of Jason's friends said it's pure coincidence that what we wrote were similiar.

Well, like I said in my previous blog:

"What are the chances in the universe that 2 individuals who have never met would have written the exact same sentence: "I wouldn't be a crayon in the first place. I'd be a Mont Blanc." (Q20)?"

Exact same choice of words and exact same example. He could have used Caran d'Ache as an example.

So did Jason plagiarise my work or not? You be the judge.

Point Number 3

Jason also wrote this sentence in his entry:

"For fuck's sake its just a tagged survey that we do for fun! What's up with the fuss??"

Well Jason, let me ask you one thing. How would you like it if someone use your work and claim it as theirs. Wouldn't you be mad as well?

Those who are in the creative field like song writing, photography, writing, etc. would understand what I'm saying.

This might seem trivial to some of you, but plagiarism is stealing someone else's intellectual property, no matter how small it is. In fact, small plagiarisms could lead to bigger ones.

Point Number 4

In Jason's blog entry, he wrote this sentence:

"If it wasn't for the comment you posted me this afternoon, I wouldn't know you blog ever existed!"

Now let's go back to the beginning ...

How the hell would I know that Jason existed to know that he plagiarised my work in the first place? Who would have given me the tip-off?

Let me tell you how I found out that Jason visited my blog - it was through Nuffnang.

I was checking my Nuffnang account and saw that Jason was a Nuffnanger who recently read my blog. I'm always curious and grateful to see who are the people who dropped by my blog. So I clicked on the link and low and behold, there was my some of my work right before my eyes.

That was how I found out about a Jason Tan who was reading my blog. Otherwise I wouldn't even know that he existed!

My biggest guess is that he was looking for material to blog about, snooped around in Nuffnang, read my blog and snitched ideas from there.

Point Number 5

One of Jason's friends, shameonyou (a.k.a. no-balls-to-admit-real-name) wrote this:

"... c'mon, guessed u're already a WORKING LADY, let's say 20-ish yet u're posting a post about some college guy copying ur ans. err...only primary kids do that."

Are you saying that it's ok for a younger person to plagiarise from an older person?

Plagiarism is plagiarism, whether it's committed by a college student, a 10-year-old kid or a 70-year-old person. And it's definitely NOT ok.

Jason & Friends can say what they want, verbal attack all they want, but I'm not going to say anything more because it's pointless arguing with a bunch of college students who condone plagiarism and who wouldn't admit their mistake.

I rest my case.

1 comment:

Jason said...


I'm the one should say this - "I'm sooo tired of arguing with a so-called professional writer" :(

Firstly, I'm sorry that some of my friend's/follower's comment(s) is/are a little inappropriate/offensive. Do forgive me on that matter.

Secondly, I really wish all of this come to and end real soon for the sake of both of us. Its imperative that we end this soon. Don't you think so? There's no point in making this controversial.

Okayy, next up! Explaination Time..,again.

Point 1 :
As stated before, I DID NOT copy the answers. Plus, the tagged survey is from my friend. NOT from your entry. Reference = guide/idea/inspiration. Reference is NOT EQUAL to copying.

Point 2 :
Are you mad just because of question no.20? For Pete's sake, I've repeated and repeated for many times already : its a joke I heard before. Apperently you've heard the same joke before too. Maybe in your subconscious mind that you thought you made that up without realising it's someone else's joke that both of US COPIED from him.

Point 3 :
I totally understand. I used to write alot myself too and I know what is it like when someone else copied your hard written work. Maybe I'm not soo much of a writer myself to understand your feelings right now but hey, trust me it's purely COINCIDENTAL!

Point 4 :
Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't the 'recent nuffnanger who viewed me' section doesn't provide the date? You can easily print-screen the page saying its the day before you saw my entry when in reality, the print-screen you uploaded could be today's/yesterday's when I've already visited your blog to see who's been posting comment to me? Right?

Point 5 :
Heh. my friend/ aka shameonyou wished to remain a low profile. She doesn't want all the attention when you can easily mention and adding her link in your blog (this is what happened in the case of Chin Hong Lin). Pity Chin. Because of your act of linking his blog URL in your blog, his blog had been flooded with viewers and gained all the unwanted 'attention'. But then again, you've made a smart move of removing the link on his blog. Thank you for that ;)

In conclusion, I'm really sorry that MY post had created alot of trouble between us. But rest assured, I WILL NOT MODIFY OR REMOVE ANY BIT OF IT BECAUSE I AM NOT GUILTY OF ANY OF YOUR ACCUSATION.

Again, I'm more than ever, relieved that you are resting your case (But its not because I'm out of trouble or anything similar). It's for the benefit of both of us. I wish to apologize again for some of my reader's/friend's nasty comment. Anyway, its been a great deal knowing you. I am eternally gratefful :)

Last but not least, I wish to say it out again one last time : I DID NOT COPY ANY OF YOUR WORK. Full stop.

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