Monday, 6 July 2009

Someone Has Plagiarised My Blog

I am pissed cause a guy by the name of Jason Tan has plagiarised my blog entry containing Q&A bout myself titled Getting to Know You/Me.

In case you're wondering, these questions were circulating in Facebook not too long ago. People would post their personal answers to the questions and tag their friends to answer too so that they can get to know each other better.

You can click here to read my Q&A. Then click here to read what Jason has 'written'.

If you notice, Jason's answers for Numbers 6, 11, 14, 38, 44, 45 and 46 are similar to mine. I give him benefit of the doubt for that because people could have similar answers.

However, his answers for Numbers 4, 17 and 20 are EXACTLY similar to mine, written word for word.

What are the chances in the universe that 2 individuals who have never met would have written the exact same sentence: "I wouldn't be a crayon in the first place. I'd be a Mont Blanc." (Q20)?

Like they say, "Kalau nak tiru pun ... tirulah pandai-pandai". (Translation: "If you want to copy, copy intelligently")

Obviously Jason is not pandai (clever) at all.

I left a message on Jason's blog not to plagiarise another person's writing again. And he left a defensive reply which is a load of bullshit. And one of his friends, Chin Hong Lin has posted a reply in support of Jason.

Hong Lin says in his 'perfect' English, "The answer is seriously soo simply even my little bro 10 years old might even giving the same answer."

What a bunch of fuckhead college students!

By the way, if you go to Jason's blog, you'll see that he calls himself 'ToiletPaper' in his Plurk journal widget. You can find the widget on the right side of his blog.

Now which sane human being would refer to himself as paper that you use to wipe your arse with? Only someone suffering from dementia would do that, that's what. Maybe that's why he needed to copy my answers in the first place.

So Jason ... if you're reading this, don't be an arsehole and remove or modify that particular entry if you have a conscience.


Anonymous said...

ur blog got a lot reader meh...u think u top blogger ar...who wan to plagiarised ur blog...u r nth la..

Jason said...

hahaaa... This must be the funniest post I've ever read in my 18 years of wonderful life!

As stated in my blog (which I'd guess the whole world is viewing right now thanks to Ms. Lim herself) ;) I've already explain myself profusely before.So there's no point in doing it here since no one gives a fuck. For fucksake its just a tagged survey that we do for fun! What's up with the fuss??

I guess the saying "Never explain yourself. Your friends don't need it. Your enemies don't believe it" is really true. Oh my!!

And for my friend, Chin, I think all of you out there doesn't have the right to judge him in whether or not his 'English' is appropriate. Just because you're some goddamn childrens book author doesn't gives you the right to look down on people! What a loser!

You know, this post is really like something I'll blog about when someone stole my pencil box back in primary school. So childish and immature! And you call yourself an author?? Shame on you

About the toiletpaper nickname, its a long story. Even my best friends doesn't know about it. Its what someone real close to me (who passed away few years back) used to called me because when I was younger, I sleep with a rool of toilet paper. ;) geddit?

So, enough bitching here and there! Move on! Its just a post after all. Have a beer and write about it in your next book! I'm sure its gonna be an international best-seller! Cheers! ;)

P/s : DO have the BALLS to approve this comment! ;)

liren said...

He said it was a joke from Russel Peters.
so it is just that u two had heard the same joke...

and c'mon, it is just a tag!
ure taking it way too seriously.

and i think nobody cares bout tiny stuff like this tat much except u =(

shameonyou said...

ms julie, no offence but the way u said bout tat jason guy is really really too much. i'd read jason's blog, yet i think what he wrote was just coincedent.why on earth does a stranger like you.. wants to post such comments on his blog? hello....! if i'm not mistaken u're a working lady, why on earth do you want to make such a big deal bout a tag thingy??? tat's insane la wei.. grow up!stop this nonsense. who's the childish one now? blogging bout a guy younger than you all bcuz of a tag thing?? tat's stupid don't you think so?? no one will be tat free to be pissed over something coincident kay...get a life girl..

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