Thursday, 21 August 2008

Urinate or Defecate?

I saw this signboard outside a restroom in Tanah Lot, Bali in November last year. For the benefit of those who cannot read Bahasa Indonesia, the translation is:

Urinate: Rp 1,000
Defecate: Rp 1,000
Bathe: Rp2,000

The first question that came to mind was ... why did they bother to segregate the fee for defecating and urinating when it's the same price?

I can imagine the person collecting the money asking: "You mau buang air besar atau mau kencing? Harga tetap sama - Rp1,000."
Translation: "Do you want to defecate or urinate? The fee is the same - Rp 1,000."

So there you go ...


marble said...

or the person may ask "You mau kencing Rp1,000, kalau mau buang air besar sekali tambah lagi Rp1,000" - if you wanna urinate the fee is Rp1,000 but if you wanna defecate as well then add another Rp1,000.

Julie Lim said...

You're right Marble! Why didn't I think of that, lol!!!

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